Buy an atomizer or clearomizer for the electric cigarette?

Are you looking for a clearomizer, atomizer or vaporizer of a certain brand that you can use for electric smoking? We offer many brands.

  • Aspire clearomizers
    Aspire clearomizers

    Aspire evaporators buy at We-Vape?

    Aspire was founded in 2013 and has quickly grown into one of the most famous brands among vapers. They make quality products for both the advanced damper and the novice e-smoker.

  • Council of vapor clearomizers
    Council of vapor...

    The Council of Vaporizers buy at We-Vape?

    The Council of Vapor was founded by a group of passionate American vapers. All products of this brand are made by vapers, for vapers, so you can be sure of quality.

  • Eleaf clearomizers
    Eleaf clearomizers

    Buy evaporators from Eleaf at We-Vape?

    Eleaf was founded in 2011 and has become a well-known brand among e-smokers. Due to innovations such as temperature control and adjustable airflow settings, eleaf has become one of the largest in the vapor world.

  • Freemax clearomizers
    Freemax clearomizers

    Want to buy Freemax evaporators at We-Vape?

    Freemax is a relatively young company in this market, but are already quite well known among the sub-ohm e-smokers. Freemax quality is comparable to the other major brands in the sub-ohm segment.

  • Horizentech clearomizers
    Horizentech clearomizers

    Buy evaporators from Horizentech at We-Vape?

    Horizentech products are comparable to those of Aspire and Freemax. Horizentech therefore has excellent quality products.

  • Ijoy clearomizers
    Ijoy clearomizers

    Want to buy Ijoy evaporators at We-Vape?

    iJoy products are one of the most advanced in the market in an affordable segment, often equipped with the latest technologies in electric smoking. In addition to this hardware, the brand also makes evaporators. On this page you will find the evaporators from Ijoy that are in our range.

  • Innokin clearomizers
    Innokin clearomizers

    Buy Innokin vaporizers at We-Vape?

    Innokin was founded in 2011, just like Eleaf and distinguishes itself by combining technological innovation, leading designs and delivering high quality.

  • Justfog clearomizers
    Justfog clearomizers

    Clearomizers from Justfog buy at We-Vape?

    Justfog was founded in 2009 and have become popular in a short time by the famous Justfog 1453 and Justfog Maxi clearomizers. This brand now has an extensive line of high-quality products.

  • Squape clearomizers
    Squape clearomizers

    Clearomizers from Squape buy at We-Vape?

    StattQualm was founded in 2012 in Switzerland. StattQualm products are of Swiss precision and are one of the highest quality products in the vapor world.

  • Uwell clearomizers
    Uwell clearomizers

    Clearomizers from Uwell buy at We-Vape?

    Uwell is one of the bigger players in the vapor world. Their products are very suitable for vaporizers in the Sub-Ohm segment. Below you will find the selection of products that we offer from Uwell.

  • Svoemesto clearomizers
    Svoemesto clearomizers

    Atomizers from Svoemesto buy at We-Vape?

    Svoemesto is a small company in Germany that makes high-end products for the self-build damper. It all started around 2012 in Russia with a “group order” which brought the first kayfun into the world. Now they have a nice selection of products in their range. Here you will find the versions that we can sell in the Netherlands.

  • Vaporesso clearomizers
    Vaporesso clearomizers

    Vaporesso atomizers buy at We-Vape?

    Vaporesso is a relatively new player on the market and stands out for the simplicity and accessibility of its products, combined with a striking design.