DIY products for the do it yourself vaper.

DIY stands for Do It Yourself

An electric cigarette contains a coil or also a coil. A coil is basically resistance wire that is wound into a coil with wick material around it or around it that absorbs e-liquid. A coil can of course also be made by yourself. Most DIY vapors make coils themselves because they can determine the resistance and the type of resistance wire and thus tailor the vapor experience to their own taste.

Especially for these do-it-yourselfers, We-Vape has a nice range of DIY items for electric smoking. Pre-built Coils, tools, wicks (cotton), wire and rebuildable atomizers for the advanced user.


  • Coiling wires (DIY)
    Coiling wires (DIY)

    Resistance wire for the DIY vaper
    Here you will find all resistance wires in the We-Vape range. With this you can make your own coils for your e-cigarette and determine the desired resistance. There are various resistance wire variants: Kanthal A1, Clapton, Nickel (Ni200), Stainless steel (SS316L) and Titanium. Experiment, try and see which type suits you best!

  • DIY General range
    DIY General range

    DIY General

    Here are all our DIY tools including; tools, Wick material, Pre-built coils and filling bottles that will come in handy when making your own coils and rebuilding the different types of atomizers.