BlackNote Quartet e-juice

Syrian Latakia
Taste experience: Peppered smoked flavor.

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Flavour: Various flavouring complying with EC Regulation 1334/08
Contents: 10 ml.
Basic ratio: 47% Propylene glycol (PG), 47% Glycerol (VG), 6% Flavour

For use with electronic cigarettes alone

Package includes child resistant closure.
Leaflet With instructions



This product is produced in an ISO7 – CLASS 10000 certified factory
ICP, GSMS, HSLP tested: diacetyl and acetyl free
Made by hand in the USA & Italy

Black Note natural tobacco e-liquid for use in electric cigarettes (e-cigarettes). The tobacco taste of the Black Note e-liquids is extracted from real tobacco leaves and is not synthesized as with other providers. This creates the unique taste of the Blacknote e-liquids.

This natural tobacco e-liquid is supplied in a bottle with child resistant closure and dripping filling system. In the package you will find a leaflet which serves as a guide for the correct use of this product.

Available in:

nicotine:  3mg nicotine/ml , 6mg nicotine/ml and 12mg nicotine/ml

 Important Safety Information :

The nicotine -containing liquid is an addictive substance and harmful for the health .
It should not be used / consumed . Direct form NOT ! DRINK THE E-LIQUID Wash hands after handling .
e - cigarettes and nicotine liquids are prohibited for any one under the age of 18 years .
It is not suitable for pregnant and / or breastfeeding mothers .
The electronic cigarette is not a toy , keep this product out of reach of children too !

Store the liquid in a safe place , out of reach of children or pets . Keep the fluids not occur in a warm place or in direct sunlight freezing of the liquid must not be stored in a cold place . Improper storage can spoil the liquid or unpalatable .

For hygienic reasons, the liquids are excluded as consumable and therefore not returnable.

disposal :
Contaminated packaging should NOT in the garbage , clean your empty bottle than before throwing first with warm water.