The online sales ban and flavor ban

Through this message, we want to inform you about the upcoming legislative changes planned by the government.

The online sales ban will take effect on July 1st, 2023.

Starting from July 1st, there will be a total ban on distance sales. Unfortunately, our webshop is also included in this. This means that from July 1 onwards, e-liquids, e-cigarettes, and product-related parts can only be sold in physical specialty stores and tobacco shops. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to order our products online and have them delivered to your home from July 1 onwards. If there are no further changes to the government's plans, June 30 til 8am will be the last day to place an online order with us.

The flavor ban will take effect on Januari 1st, 2024.

Due to the upcoming flavor ban, the sale of all currently available e-liquid flavors will be prohibited from Januari 1st, 2024. The only flavors that can still be sold are new flavors made from a list of approximately 16 ingredients compiled by the government. A handful of tobacco-like flavors can be created from these ingredients.

So, once again, all current flavors will most likely be discontinued. This also applies to current tobacco flavors, nicotine-free variants, and DIY aromas, as all these products have been placed under the same legislation by the government. The flavored products that can still be sold in physical specialty stores between July 1st and january 1st will also be limited to remaining stocks. After July 1st, no new e-liquids can be produced that do not comply with the flavor ban taking effect on Januari 1st.

A glimmer of hope?

In the meantime, our industry is still pursuing legal proceedings against the government, which could potentially delay or change the course of the process. Once we have more information on this, we will immediately update our website.

More information on the ban on distance sales:

More information on the flavor ban:"