Helpful tips for novice vapor


The use of the electric cigarette is absolutely simple . Nevertheless, we would like to give some useful knowledge and provide you with some useful tips for using , maintaining and troubleshooting when using the electric cigarette .

Taking the electric cigarette in use.

You have received a new starter or battery . It is important that you take the time to recharge the battery. ( And ) the first time Be patient , it will extend the life of your purchase.
When filling the tank or clearomizer is important for this "only" to fill 80 % this also prevents you leak . On some models, a maximum volume marker present , keeps you here on . Is not present then you keep the 80 % " rule " .
If you take a new clearomizer or evaporator used check after filling the liquid withdraw 5 to 10 minutes so that the wicks are moist Before going to overheat. Filament This prevents you a " dryhit " , which can cause a bad taste .
Keeps you in the assembly of the electric cigarette to the golden rule , " is firmly established ." Turn parts too tightly together . the electric cigarette is widely used rubber sealing rings , sealing rings you rotate it simply break if you are too tight , turn the pieces fit together .

If you use the electric cigarette for the first time the "feel" will get used , but do not worry, it went fast!
It is important that you as hard "pulls " on the electric cigarette as a tobacco cigarette . It prevents you without pulling the liquid evaporated by the evaporator going with leakage. You also use less liquid because the evaporation process will work better.
If you suddenly taste a sharp taste , this is often a sign that the liquid runs out and needs to be refilled , do this in time and prevent a " dryhit " . You also automatically lengthening the life of your evaporator / filament .
The electric cigarette is battery , this will obviously once empty and they will need to be charged . Because during the evaporation process also condensation occurs and moisture is not as well with contacts of batteries it is wise that you to charge checks the contacts of the battery and charger for condensation and if necessary even decreases with a dry paper towel .
Also applies when inserting the battery into the charger , " solid proof". Normally tightening is sufficient to properly charge the battery and as this damage the contacts on the charger or the battery.

After a period of using the electric cigarette will add to what maintenance. The electric cigarette is often used intensively and with good maintenance , you just more fun with your purchase.
In most models , except for disposable evaporators / clearomizers , everything is completely removable . This lets you easily and cheaply the parts subject to wear and tear, and / or cleaning.
You can leave everything quietly in a bowl of warm water or simply rinse under the tap weeks . Allow the parts to dry well and put everything back together .
For models with loose coils / glow plugs , we advise you with policies to deal with these parts . The wicks are fragile and easily damaged if you are not careful handling . We therefore recommend that the coils / glow plugs not explain . Below a hard jet of tap Allow this to rest in a container with a layer of water and toss it slowly back and forth . Then release the coil / ignition coil dry slowly on a dry paper towel .
Let U in the maintenance that you do not lose any washers which you get stuck after you have everything put back together . With a leaking product Some seals are very small , even take the time when you will successfully maintain . The product for the first time
An electric cigarette is battery operated . The electric cigarette vaporizes liquid which condensation occurs . It is therefore important that you regularly on the battery charger and cleaning the contacts to prevent interference.