What is 

The NIX18 campaign is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and a large number of partners (Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, Dutch Cancer Society KWF, Longfonds, Trimbos Institute, NOC * NSF, supermarkets united in the Central Bureau of Food Trade, GGD Nederland, GGDs, Thuiswinkel.org, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the ministries of Security and Justice. 

The aim of the campaign is to strengthen the social norm‘do not drink and smoke until you are 18‘. The campaign targets the whole of society, in particular the environment of young people. Everyone should find it normal if young people do not smoke or drink before the age of 18.

What can help to support the social norm is that the Tobacco Act has been amended as of 20 May 2016.

Young people under 18 are no longer allowed to sell alcohol, tobacco or electric cigarettes. Also, until the age of 18, young people are not allowed to bring alcohol in public (for example, on the street, in a pub, at a station). In addition to this social norm campaign, partners such as the Trimbos Institute and the 'GGD' and their 1-on-1 activities focus directly on educators and their children. To stimulate and help them to put the desired behavior into practice, namely: making the NIX appointment. An appointment not to smoke, to smoke or to drink until the age of 18./p>

More information about the amendment of the law can be found on Rijksoverheid.nl .

Do you want to support the NIX campaign yourself?

You can find all the campaign resources to make this possible at https://www.nix18.nl/toolkit .


 We-Vape and NIX18

We-vape is a strong supporter of the NIX18 philosophy, which is why we have not been selling electric cigarettes and e-liquids to persons under the age of 18 since opening our doors in 2013. When you visit our store you will be asked for your ID, and ordering via the webshop is only allowed if you are over 18 years old.